Julia Moore
Julia Moore
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The last eleven weeks have not only changed my relationship but also my life. I feel more alive, authentic and connected to everyone.
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez
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This mastery group has given me a new way to engage with my wife. I never really believed in love, but I do now.
Melissa Young
Melissa Young
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OMG, this is the best money I have ever spend. I feel so optimistic about the future after seeing the dramatic changes in my relationship in the last eleven weeks.



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Dream Relationship

Create Your Dream Relationship In 11 Weeks.

Move beyond "chemistry" and create the conditions for lasting love.

Practical Tools

Gain Practical Tools And Skills that are easy to implement and produce instant results.

Transforming your relationship has never been faster and easier.

Interactive learning

Interactive Weekly Webinars.

Have All Your Burning Questions On Love, Sex, And Relationships Answered.

Each week we will explore a new topic...

Week 1: The foundation of love

Building a house on a muddy hill in an earthquake area is bound to make the house come crumbling down at some point.

Without a solid foundation, a relationship can't flourish.

Safety is the foundation for relationships.

Without it, everything has a negative bias and with safety, the relationship has a positive bias.

Rule number 1: Never threaten the relationship

Week 3: Triggers and self-regulation

None of the tools will work unless you have self-awareness around your triggers, and you can regulate your own stress response.

Knowing your and your partners' triggers will allow you to support each other better.

Self-regulation will help you calm down when you are triggered so you can avoid destructive cycles and instead create intimacy.

Week 5: Repair broken trust

We all get it wrong sometimes so knowing how to repair old hurt and broken trust is critical to restore safety and to be able to flourish again.

Repair is a process and it will both rebuild trust and create intimacy.

Week 7: Boundaries

The pleaser syndrome and our need to be overly accepted has caused so much destruction in relationships.

If our boundaries are violated, we will eventually grow resentful and that is "the" killer of relationships.

You will learn how to sense and express your boundaries in a way that your partner can hear and respect them.

Week 9: Habits of successful relationships

Successful relationships have specific habits.

Habits such as: Turning towards each other during a crisis, making time and an effort, self-development, allowing your partner to influence you, not always having to be right, understanding and acknowledging each other's experiences, emotional mapping of the other, supporting weaknesses and much more.

We will explore these habits in great detail and with practical ways to engage these.

Week 11: Answering all your questions

This module will answer any questions we have not addressed in the 10 previous weeks.

You will be fully equipped to integrate the tools you have thus far learned so you can continue to have a flourishing, safe, connecting, intimate, loving, sexy, and joyful relationship for years to come.

Week 2: Attachment styles

We learn coping strategies as children and these patterns play out in our adult relationships.

In week 2 we will explore our attachment styles and learn to drop the labels and instead understand our own and our partner's attachment styles.

We will explore how to heal these, return to secure attachment, be a team, dissolve conflicts, and enhance connection.

Week 4: Breaking the conflict cycle

Conflicts are normal.

It's how we argue that decides if it's destructive or not.

In this module, we will explore how to spot the cycle of conflict, break it, and instead replace it with tools that create understanding, empathy, and connection.

No more draining and destructive arguments or feeling unheard.

Week 6: Needs

Discover how to tap into your needs and express them in a way your partner can hear you and give it to you.

You are unlikely to get your needs met unless you know your needs in great detail and can express them in a way your partner can hear you without getting triggered.

You will learn how to deal with disappointment when it arises and instead turn it into an opportunity of connection.

Week 8: Intimacy and Love

Here you will discover how to implement the framework of love (safety + Vulnerability + acceptance = Love).

If you want to be heard and seen for who you are then this is the module that will achieve that.

We will explore this through exercises such as emotional conferencing, eye contact, how to share vulnerability safely, emotional mapping and so much more.

Week 10: Sex and Passion

Discover how to have mind-blowing sex, get your needs met, and have the most intimate sex you have ever had.

Sex is part of intimacy and pair bonding however our modern view of sex is often primarily focused on physical sensations.

The goal of orgasm has completely missed that we have sex to feel something.

Powerful, strong, desired, wanted, loved, and more.

These emotions motivate our core turn-ons and also allow sex to be more vulnerable and intimate.

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