Love is a skill.

It must be learned and practiced.

The education you always needed.

Thomas began as a journey to connect the dots after trouble in his own marriage. It’s when we feel lost that we get a chance to find ourselves again – to rediscover our authentic selves, buried deeply below who we were taught to be.

Today, The Zensensa is the community that guides you through creating the life & love you’ve craved, holding space for wherever you are in your journey. The most important part is, you made it here. And you are exactly where you should be.

If you’re ready to let go of old wounds, transform unhealthy habits , and establish clear boundaries, and to accept and love your authentic self, so you can finally get the life and relationship you want…then this is the space for you.

When we remove our masks
Embrace the shadows of our past
Shift our expectations
And take time to understand ourselves and our heart….

Life unfolds with an incredible magic.

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Meet Thomas

Thomas is the founder of Zensensa. His own rock bottom came as his business and marriage came crashing down, and his son was diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. 

This sparked his lifelong journey to understand intimacy with self and others.

With love for human connection and science, he sought out to connect the two. 

Today, Thomas is an author, speaker, content creator and bridges the gap between science, love, dating, and self-development.   

As he puts it: “My journey is to declutter love and connection and challenge the myths that keep us trapped in habits and patterns that do not serve us.”

Thomas’s purpose is to empower individuals to transform the way they relate and authentically connect to themselves and others, so they can finally be seen, heard, and accepted for who they are. 

He wants to see you step out of shame and embrace your needs and boundaries to create the life you deserve. 

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